Automotive performance company

A new client I am working on has hired me to do some work for them.  It is going to be a fun project.  I have a friend who will be doing some photos and then I will be doing some SEO work for them.  They are automotive tuners Indianapolis specialists.

The work they do is really cool.  They have a dyno and build really fast cars, trucks, motorcycles, and also do industrial welding.  I am thinking of having them work on a car I own, a Mitsubishi Evolution since that car has a turbocharger.  They also do drag racing prep and other types of racing.  They are on the south side of Indianapolis in a suburb.

As far as cool guys go they seem to be really nice guys.  I highly recommend them!

SEO – what it takes

Search engine optmization (SEO) is always changing.  One can never just sit idly by.  It is best to use very basic strategies and concepts if you are looking to build your website and stay white hat.  For example this Paragon Pest Elimination Website I mentioned in an earlier post is starting to rank well.  Now, when ranking a website what you need to focus on is selecting specific keywords:  The main keyword I am trying to rank for is: Pest Control Columbus Ohio.

Columbus, Ohio is not too competitive of a market, but it isn’t Mayberry either (the Andy Griffith) show.  It will take some decent article writing that educates consumers.

This is all about getting traffic.  It is also important to look at the conversion of the website.  All the traffic in the world is worthless if you do not have a website that converts.


Types of jobs I am looking for as a website designer

Okay, so I forgot to mention the types of jobs I am looking for as a website designer.

Information marketing sites – sites used to sell products

Niches that I understand well.  These are generally services like home industry services such as pest control, plumbing, HVAC and I’ve worked with people in them before.

Note:  All content WILL be unique.  This doesn’t mean I won’t re-use the same concepts and ideas, just that I do not generate spun junk and put it on websites.

Secondly, I normally use wordpress since it is a good content management system.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.  My rates are very reasonable.  Contact me here.



2 new niches I am working in – 3 new websites

Well, I have experience building some websites, and just got 3 new clients.  Two of these companies are in the pest control industry.  One is in information marketing.

One of these clients is located in Columbus, Ohio and one is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  They have asked me to re-design their sites and work on some back-end data.

So, here they are.  The ParagonPe.Biz is almost done.  I need to do some work on the caching plugins to get it working faster.  The second site I am working on Stevens Pest Control.

The third site is COMPLETELY different than the other sites.  It is in information marketing.  Those of you who know about information understand the goal is to sell educational products to people.  With the explosion of the Internet over the past 10 years, this industry has really taken off.

The site this guy wants me to work on is on how to get business referrals.  I just added a link to it, because what this guy understands is that the quality of the content is very good.  Now, he needs help with designing a much better theme…cause I think the site is ugly.  And that is why he hired me.

So, that is the update.  As always, I like to work on niches so any other people in the pest control industry who need work — contact me!

My new website

I decided that my old website is no longer what I wanted it to be.  As a free lance web designer I wanted to design a new blog that would look good.  Not an ugly blog that is not able to showcase my talents as a web designer.

So, here it is.  Over the next few weeks you will see how much work I’ve gotten done.  I hope everyone enjoys the new look, feel, and layout!